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Adult Song Writing Lessons

Songwriting lessons for adults with big ambitions or a joy for music.


Adult Song Writing Lessons at Vocal Adrenaline

Unleashing Creativity: Song Writing for Adult Learners

At Vocal Adrenaline, our adult song writing lessons are designed to unlock your creative potential, regardless of your musical background. Whether you're an aspiring lyricist, a composer, or someone who wants to tell their story through music, our program caters to all aspects of song writing. We emphasize melody creation, lyrical writing, and song structure, providing a nurturing environment for you to express your ideas and emotions through music. Our experienced instructors offer personalized guidance, helping you develop your unique style and voice. Join us to embark on a fulfilling journey of musical expression and song writing mastery.

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Meet Our Experienced Song Writing Teachers

With passion and experience our teachers will help you reach your full potential.

Tylah Winyard

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Alex Sologon

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Types of Lessons at Vocal Adrenaline

Beginner Lessons

Beginner Adult Songwriting Lessons: Songwriting Basics for Beginners

For beginners in our adult song writing lessons at Vocal Adrenaline, we focus on laying a solid foundation in the art of song writing. These lessons introduce the basics of structuring a song, crafting melodies, and writing meaningful lyrics. Our approach is supportive and interactive, making it easy for beginners to grasp the concepts and start creating their own songs. We encourage exploration and experimentation with different musical styles and themes, fostering a space where creativity can flourish. No prior experience in music is required, just a passion for storytelling and expression through song.

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Advanced Lessons

Advanced Adult Songwriting Lessons: Advanced Techniques in Songwriting

In our advanced adult songwriting lessons at Vocal Adrenaline, we offer a more in-depth exploration of songwriting for those looking to refine their skills. These lessons delve into sophisticated songwriting techniques, including complex lyrical structures, advanced melody composition, and arrangement. Our experienced instructors provide tailored guidance, helping you to develop a deeper understanding of musicality and lyrical expression. We also cover aspects such as how to effectively convey emotions in your songs, and the use of advanced music theory in songwriting. For those aspiring to take their songwriting to a professional level, our advanced lessons offer the tools and insights needed to excel in the art of songwriting.


We Offer To Our Students

Unique Services Available to You As a Vocal Adrenaline Student That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else.

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Four times a year, record a selected song from class at the Gold Coast’s premier recording studio, Bignote Productions.

CD Recording

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Perform at many Gold Coast and Brisbane events throughout the year to gain confidence and performance experience.


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Audition for our eisteddfod team to become part of a supportive group of students who compete around Australia.


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Show off what you’ve been learning in class with our professionally filmed and photographed biannual concerts.


Live your Passion!

Studio Locations

Start your music career in on of our beautiful studios on the Gold Coast!