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Kids and Teenager Group Lessons

Elevate your child's voice in a group environment!


Kids Singing Group: Where Young Voices Shine!

Harmony in Every Note: Unleash the Potential of Young Voices with Our Kids Singing Group

Welcome to our Kids Singing Group, where young voices come alive in a vibrant and supportive community. Our Glee Group provides a welcoming space for children to explore the art of singing in a fun and engaging way. Whether your child is a budding vocalist or just beginning their musical journey, our group sessions offer a dynamic platform to foster their love for singing. Guided by skilled instructors, kids will embark on a journey of musical discovery, learning essential vocal techniques, harmonising, and gaining confidence through exciting performances. Join us and let your child's voice soar in our joyful Kids Singing Group – where every note is a step towards musical excellence and a whole lot of fun!

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Meet our Group Teachers

With passion and experience our teachers will help you reach your full potential.

Jade Lowe

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Tylah Winyard

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Types of Lessons at Vocal Adrenaline

Beginner Lessons

Great for beginners!

Ideal for beginners, our Kids Singing Group offers a supportive entry into the world of music. With focused instruction and a nurturing atmosphere, beginners develop foundational vocal skills, gain confidence, and discover the joy of singing in a group setting. Join us for a harmonious start to your child's musical journey!

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Advanced Lessons

If you're already a singer, this is a great addition!

Perfect for young voices already honing their skills in private lessons, our Kids Singing Group adds a dynamic layer to their musical journey. With tailored sessions designed to complement individual learning, children will expand their repertoire, refine harmonising techniques, and experience the thrill of group performances. Join us to amplify the joy of singing and take their musical prowess to new heights!


We Offer To Our Students

Unique Services Available to You As a Vocal Adrenaline Student That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else.

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Four times a year, record a selected song from class at the Gold Coast’s premier recording studio, Bignote Productions.

CD Recording

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Perform at many Gold Coast and Brisbane events throughout the year to gain confidence and performance experience.


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Audition for our eisteddfod team to become part of a supportive group of students who compete around Australia.


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Show off what you’ve been learning in class with our professionally filmed and photographed biannual concerts.


Live your Passion!

Studio Locations

Start your music career in on of our beautiful studios on the Gold Coast!