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Join our songwriting classes in Burleigh, Nerang, or Coolangatta. Whether you're a beginner or already advanced, our experienced songwriting coaches will cater to your skill level and help you achieve your creative goals. Try it out with our trial lesson and find your dream music teacher today!4o

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Songwriting At Vocal Adrenaline

Crafting Melodies and Lyrics: A Songwriter's Journey

At Vocal Adrenaline, we offer exceptional songwriting lessons for all ages and skill levels on the Gold Coast. Whether you're looking for kids songwriting lessons or adult songwriting lessons, our experienced teachers provide top-notch coaching for beginners and advanced songwriters alike.

Our kids songwriting lessons are a wonderful gateway for young learners to embark on a musical journey, engaging and inspiring children with an exciting and rewarding experience. For adults, our lessons are tailored to fit your skill level and musical aspirations, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Our approach focuses on building a solid foundation in basic songwriting techniques and music theory, all while fostering a fun and supportive environment. Our dedicated instructors are experts in making lessons enjoyable and accessible, ensuring that each student feels encouraged and motivated.

Whether you dream of becoming a future hit songwriter or simply enjoy the joy of creating music, our songwriting lessons are the perfect starting point.

Join us at Vocal Adrenaline on the Gold Coast for an inspiring and enriching songwriting journey!

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Benefits We Offer To Our Students

Unique services available to all our Vocal Adrenaline Student.

A microphone in a music studio

Four times a year, record a selected song from class at the Gold Coast’s premier recording studio, Bignote Productions.

CD Recording

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Perform at many Gold Coast and Brisbane events throughout the year to gain confidence and performance experience.


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Audition for our eisteddfod team to become part of a supportive group of students who compete around Australia.


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Show off what you’ve been learning in class with our professionally filmed and photographed biannual concerts.


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What Is Vapa?

Founded in 2011, Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts (VAPA) has become one of Australias most reputable music schools.

Our experienced, enthusiastic team of instructors nurture your passion, helping you to reach your full potential while having heaps of fun along the way. Whether group classes and one-on-one we’ll mentor you, matching your training with your aspiration and goals—professional or pure leisure.

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