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Kids & Teenage Drums Lessons

Drums lessons for kids with big ambitions or a love for music.


Drum lessons for Kids of all skill levels

Unlock creative potential, live your passion!

Discover exceptional drum lessons for kids at Vocal Adrenaline, where beginner and advanced young drummers alike flourish under expert guidance. Our specialized drum instructors, renowned for their industry experience, offer unparalleled drum training. They empower each child to find and develop their unique rhythm and style, unlocking their full potential as a drummer. We focus on the latest drumming techniques and trends, ensuring a comprehensive and contemporary learning experience. Your child will gain confidence and skill, whether they're drumming in a band or practicing at home. Enrol your child in Vocal Adrenaline to cultivate their passion for drumming and watch as they achieve rhythmic excellence and newfound artistic heights.

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Meet Our Experienced Drums Teachers

With passion and experience our teachers will help you reach your full potential.

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Types of Lessons at Vocal Adrenaline

Beginner Lessons

Offer them a flying start with Vocal Adrenaline’s Beginner drum lessons for kids.

Our engaging and supportive drumming environment is designed to make your child eager to come back for more lessons, time after time. Our team of skilled drum instructors specializes in guiding young drummers through the early stages of their percussion journey. They focus on building foundational drumming skills and boosting confidence, setting the stage for future musical opportunities. In our classes, your child will feel comfortable, inspired, and appropriately challenged, fostering a love for drumming.

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Advanced Lessons

Unlock Advanced Drumming Skills with Vocal Adrenaline: Expert Lessons for Aspiring Young Drummers

Take your child's drumming to the next level with Vocal Adrenaline's Advanced Drum Lessons. Our fun and exciting environment keeps young drummers engaged and eager to learn more. Our experienced instructors are experts at teaching advanced techniques and rhythms, helping each student enhance their skills and build confidence for bigger musical challenges. Our classes are designed to be both challenging and inspiring, perfect for kids ready to deepen their drumming abilities.

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We Offer To Our Students

Unique Services Available to You As a Vocal Adrenaline Student That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else.

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Four times a year, record a selected song from class at the Gold Coast’s premier recording studio, Bignote Productions.

CD Recording

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Perform at many Gold Coast and Brisbane events throughout the year to gain confidence and performance experience.


A girl standing on stage in a grey sweater, singing into a microphone.

Audition for our eisteddfod team to become part of a supportive group of students who compete around Australia.


Man standing on stage, passionately singing into a microphone.

Show off what you’ve been learning in class with our professionally filmed and photographed biannual concerts.


Live your Passion!

Studio Locations

Start your music career in on of our beautiful studios on the Gold Coast!