Vocal Health and Physio

March 5, 2024
5 min read

Vocal physiotherapy is a manual therapy treatment aimed to address factors that can impact your vocal quality. Symptoms that can be addressed include loss of vocal range, breathiness, constriction, fatigue, tongue tension, neck tightness, postural issues, and jaw problems.

It is suitable for anyone suffering voice-related symptoms or those undertaking high vocal loads like singers, actors, teachers, call centre phone attendants, sports coaches, presenters, and barristers.

Treatment is specifically tailored from your physical presentation to meet your vocal demands and goals.

If you want to really take your voice seriously, collaboration with experienced professionals such as Speech Pathologists, ENT’s and Physio’s, is the key to success. At Vocal Adrenaline, we are proud to collaborate with and refer many of our students to Renee at Artistic Sports Physiotherapy. Renee's expertise and dedication have led to impressive outcomes for numerous students (and teachers!) under her care. By nurturing such collaborations, we prioritise the holistic well-being and success of our clients, recognising the invaluable contributions of each member of the healthcare team.

If you’re feeling any of the above symptoms, give Artistic Sports Physiotherapy a call! Renee will look after you: https://artisticsportsphysio.com.au

Your consultation for vocal physiotherapy will include an assessment of;

🔅Vocal workload
🔅Voice quality
🔅Cervical spine movement
🔅Diaphragm and breath support
🔅Jaw symmetry
🔅Tongue root tension