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Jade Lowe

Singing & Piano

Jade has a strong and immense passion for the creative and arts industry, always engaged by interest; that's where her love lies. 

Starting at a young age of just 5, Jade has involved herself in many performances, eisteddfods, musicals, recording studio sessions and shows, which lead her into becoming a VAPA student through her teen and adolescent years!

Throughout her immense experience with eisteddfods, concerts and local performances, as well as completing AMEB examinations in leisure and classical, for both Piano and Vocals, as well as her completion of her Bachelors of Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium, Jade loves to implement her wisdom, experience, the fundamentals of technique and basics, as well as focus on the students goals, achievements and what they want to improve and learn. As she loves her diversity of genre, Jade is eager to help and teach in any aspect!

While completing her Bachelors degree and furthering into the teaching industry, Jade had implemented her sills and experience within her classroom, as well as having her own side business, educating music when not studying for university.

You'll find Jade quite busy with the music field outside if she's not here in the studios at VAPA as she is quite involved, being pushed in two bands and working with other artists improving their management and development but also working on composition and production.